We Were Moms Who Turned Into

Crazy Bakers!

At Power Yummies we are Moms who LOVE TREATS...

But we love nutrients even more!

The more nutrients the better! 

  • Power Flours

  • Super Seeds

  • Veggies - yes that's right! lots of them!

So we build our treats for maximum yumminess maximum nutrilicious-ness


Our mission is to get people to see veggies, super seeds, and power flours in a new light. No longer does healthy have to mean bitter and bland or gluten free dry and flavorless.

We've changed all of that, and part of our mission is to make you a believer...

Just give us a taste - we believe that you won't be disappointed

Gone are the days of one dimensional white flour white sugar treats

There's a whole new way to 'treat' yourself - gluten free nut free nutrient dense

Step into the future

It's time to POWER UP!

Power Yummies Founder
Power Yummies model
Power Yummies model