Tired Of Yo-Yo Dieting?

Adopting a Superfooder Lifestyle
Once And For All
Is The Only Way To Go!


What is Superfooding?

Superfooding is choosing to put nutrient dense superfoods at the core of all of your eating choices.


Why Superfoods?

Because every eating plan under the sun -

whether your goal is health related, or for weight loss

will always have vegetables and superfoods right at the center.

And the sooner you let go of those negative and limiting beliefs that you have around "not liking healthy foods" the sooner you'll be able to achieve and maintain all of your eating goals.

I'm Celesteena, and I know personally just how hard eating right can be - I myself was a self professed " fast food diva" until age 40! 

I'm not a doctor, dietician or nutritionist

What I am is someone who knows how hard it is to get over the hump

and who also happens to be really good at helping people get there!

So if you're done with dieting and actually ready to commit to nutrient dense eating once and for all -

Schedule a 30 minute chat with me to see if coaching is the right step for you