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Make Superfood Treats
Series #1

Baking gluten free treats can be challenging -

baking gluten free, nut free and with nutrients even crazier.

That's why we created Power Yummies.

Unfortunately, with shipping the way it is we're not able to get Power Yummies to as many people as we would like, so that's why we've decided to share some of our powerfully yummy methods, in this 4 part series.

In this series we will teach you how to make some of our most popular Power Yummies - gluten free - nut free - and of course nutrient dense right in your own kitchen.

So jump in and join us and soon you'll be making treats so dang yummy that you'll have even the pickiest gluten eaters asking for your secrets !

class # 1

Orange Carrot Quinoa Cake

This tender, zesty orange cake is filled vitamin C, fiber, and plant based proteins. The Orange Carrot Quinoa Cake can easily be transformed into a layer cake, or cupcakes 

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class # 2

Dark Chocolate Broccoli Brownies

Who doesn't love a brownie? Our Dark Chocolate Broccoli Brownie is filled with iron packed broccoli, flaxseed, antioxidant rich dark chocolate and topped with roasted pumpkin seeds.

class # 3

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Chia Flaxseed Cookies

Omega 3's rule this delicious cookie. Just like the name would indicate the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Chia Flaxseed Cookie is not just ooey gooey, super yummy and vegan but reigns supreme in nutrilicious Omega 3's with oats, ground flaxseed, and chia leading the way.

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class # 4

Strawberry Beet Chia Oat Bars

Strawberries have always been famous for their antioxidants but in our Vegan Strawberry Beet Chia Oat Bar we've combined the power of strawberries with beets, chia and nutrient rich

seaweed to make this breakfast treat just as powerful as it is yummy!