Dinner Party-ing?

I had no idea how much I would miss sharing a meal with friends...

After a whole year of not having friends over to test out my latest kale / quinoa / beetroot concoctions it seems the excitement of creating and eating in general has gone away.

Over the past year I've come to realize that eating isn't just about consuming but about sharing - sharing food, sharing conversation, sharing our lives with the people we love. Food is the one common language we all share, no matter where you're from, what you do, or what type of music you like, we can all come together in our love of certain foods and even eating in general - I mean who doesn't like to eat?

Thankfully with the pandemic possibly coming to a close, I once again find myself daydreaming about togetherness...

and also about what superfoodie concoction I'm going to whip together to torture oops I meant 'tempt' my friends with -lol-

life is yummy...

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