MISSING: Gluten Free Flour!

Have you ever hit the stores recipe in hand and once you get there you realize that one of your key ingredients is nowhere to be found?

You are not alone, in my world of gluten free baking it happens to me all of the time.

Don't fret. Depending on what you're making a substitution is probably close at hand.

In all baking gluten free and otherwise you probably already know how you want your dish to turn out, with taste and texture being at the top.

Knowing these things don't fear!

If you don't already know - the Bob's Red Mill section in your grocery store, is where you will find every gluten free flour option that your store has to offer - from amaranth to buckwheat, hemp, oat, quinoa, tapioca... you get the picture.

Pull out your handy guide to gluten free flours this is the one I've used for years - and get to substituting! Always make a note of how your substitution worked and before you know it the dreadful fear of the missing flours will plague you no more!

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