Who Doesn't Love Cupcakes?


It's true, I really really love cake.

So I most definitely thought that my cake eating days were over when I was diagnosed "gluten sensitive" because at that time 'gluten free cake' was more a punishment than pleasure...

But, that was a long time ago - and now having mastered my own gluten free cake delights at Power Yummies I can cake-it all day if I want to. The Power Yummies menu currently offers muffins, cookies, and brownies but come April I'm diving head first into cake bliss - cupcakes -

That's right gluten free, nut free superfoodie cupcakes, even though I'm super excited to be rolling them out I'm also a little scared - because when I bring on new items I become obsessed with taste testing them and everyone around here knows what that means - cupcakes for breakfast - cupcakes for snack - cupcakes for.... oh well good thing there's veggies in them.

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