My Story

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The Start Can Be Hard...

Do You Love Fast Food? And Hate sprouts?

​Well, that used to be me also...

Old me didn't think that my crickley joints, bad lungs and even worse skin conditions had anything to do with my diet - Old me was wrong. For years a friend of mine had been suggesting that maybe I should eat a "little better" maybe add in a few superfoods - but with smirks and chuckles I continuously dismissed that notion, until my health suddenly took a turn for super bad -

Suddenly I was open to the possibilities of superfoods.

Much to my surprise, superfooding did a 90% fix on all of my health issues. I was so excited that I started singing the praises of superfoods to anyone that would listen, I even started a superfood treat bakery!

That was 13 years ago and now I'm one of those sprout eating weirdo's that I used to run from...

Today my mission is to help people start their own health & wellness journey.

I believe that wellness is a skill and like any other skill it takes desire, planning, daily practice, as well as a wee bit of silly 🤪

I know starting can be hard, but go ahead and do it anyway you'll be glad that you did.✨

I'm here if you need a little help :-))