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Spring Is Here! It's Time To Get Stepping

Challenge Yourself To Step Out!

Spring is here Lovelies and it’s the perfect time to start chipping away at those fitness resolutions!

I'm not talking about running marathons or climbing mountains (unless that’s your thing, of course 😳). I'm just talking about slipping on those shoes, keeping it simple and silly and quite literally taking 20 more steps than you did the day before - no matter what your goal is just remember that it's the art of the start✨

Remember To Take Baby Steps

  • Start Where You Are: If you’re already walking your dog every morning, add an extra block or two.

  • Set Small Goals: Aim for an extra 500 steps today, then maybe 1,000 next week. Small increases make big differences over time.

  • Track Your Progress: Use a pedometer app or a good old-fashioned calendar. Marking those steps can be oh-so-satisfying.

  • Make It Fun: Create a playlist of springtime tunes, find a walking buddy, or explore new areas in your neighborhood.

  • Journal Your Journey! Make sure to jot down all of those steps! I like to say "small steps = big wins"

Get Silly With It!

Remember, this challenge is about feeling good and having fun. So, take in the fresh air, listen to the birds chirp, and enjoy the journey one step at a time. Who knows? You might just find yourself walking into the best shape of your life this spring!

Happy stepping Lovelies! 💐


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